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The Provost’s Office sponsors the Academic Convocation series. This series occurs on the first and third Fridays of each month, and periodically throughout the year to recognize the success of individuals connected to the Gordon community (i.e., Homecoming Convocation, Honors Convocation, etc.). Through a variety of speakers and topics, convocation is designed to foster the development and application of a Christian worldview. To that end, its programs provide common experiences to the academic community that will at times reinforce and at times challenge perspectives expressed in the curriculum, encouraging us to listen graciously and learn deeply from those with whom we agree and disagree. Additionally, on the second Friday of each month, the Student Life Office sponsors Convocation programming focused primarily on assisting students with personal and professional growth.

2017–18 Academic Convocation: “Stretch the Mind. Deepen the Faith. Elevate the Contribution”

This year, we are pleased to welcome a range of talented speakers to campus for convocation, all of whom will address some dimension of the Gordon Commission: to stretch the mind through a rigorous liberal arts education and the freedom to explore difficult questions; to deepen the faith by fusing Christian beliefs and practices with higher learning; and, to elevate the contribution that we, as thoughtful Christians, can make to the communities around us.