Languages Program

Gordon's languages track helps you in becoming globally educated and locally involved in ethnic communities while providing a wide array of foreign language, culture, literature, and linguistics classes from a distinctly Christian perspective.
It is designed for students:

  • Entering college proficient in at least one of the languages offered
  • Wishing to incorporate Chinese (Mandarin), French, German, or Spanish into their area of study

As a French major you will study the language, literatures and cultures of continental France as well as the worldwide Francophone Diaspora. Introductory courses emphasize linguistic skills, with attention to grammatical accuracy and native pronunciation. Advanced courses focus upon in-depth textual analysis and critical engagement of ideas. The program offers seminars on Québec and African Studies. A concentration in Francophone Studies is also possible. All French Majors study at least one semester abroad, either through the CIEE in France program or at another approved site in French-speaking Africa or Canada. On campus, you can join a Cercle Français and take part in the conversation table, alternative chapel, Bible Study, film showings, museum field trips, Haitian church visit, and weekend trips to Montreal.

French at Gordon: A Living Language

As a Spanish major, you will concentrate your studies in the areas of language grammar and syntax, history, culture and civilization of Spain and Spanish speaking Latin American countries as well as Spanish literature and criticism through the ages. You will spend one or two semesters studying abroad through the Council for International Educational Exchange in such countries as:

  • Argentina
  • Chile
  • The Dominican Republic
  • Spain

As a German major you will combine on-campus studies in the language, literature, and culture of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland with a semester or year abroad at Heidelberg University. You will also have the opportunity to incorporate highly focused courses in a second area of study such as history, biblical and theological studies, music and philosophy.

If you are looking to lay the groundwork for an international career, you can add a major in business administration or international affairs to prepare you for a cooperative education opportunity in Germany.

The Foreign Languages and Linguistics Department serves Gordon students in the core by helping them master basic linguistic and intercultural skills. To meet your language requirement or to help you prepare for foreign language reading requirements in graduate school, the Department--in conjunction with the East-West Institute and Department of Biblical and Theological Studies--offers courses in:

  • Chinese (Mandarin)
  • French
  • German
  • Greek
  • Hebrew
  • Spanish
  • Latin