Gordon College Clarendon Scholars

The Gordon College Clarendon Scholars program offers full scholarships to 10 students each year from city settings to attend Gordon, and provides support systems to encourage their success. The Scholars are identified through relationships the College has built with city-based organizations throughout (but not limited to) the East Coast, such as Emmanuel Gospel Center's Boston Education Collaborative in Boston. Through mentoring relationships, training and peer support, the students are helped to make the transition to college and given leadership experience to help ensure their success.

Our Clarendon Scholars bring much more to the Gordon campus than increased numbers of students of color. Yes, they embody the essential elements of racial harmony and diverse perspectives, experiences, cultures and God-given talents, but they also bring their personal desires to foster racial understanding and unity. A key contribution of the program is that Clarendon Scholars challenge members of Gordon College to develop open minds as they live in community and prepare for positions of leadership and service. Although it may seem antithetical to the idea of racial harmony to emphasize our differences, to achieve true racial harmony, people of differing races must struggle together through the complexities of life.


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