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Biology students in Gordons wetlands

Integrated Curriculum

A Classroom Without Walls

The purpose of any liberal arts college is to expose students to a broad variety of disciplines, challenging one’s intellect in areas outside his or her field of study. Here at Gordon, we go a step further by creating a student experience that educates the whole person; we call this the Integrated Curriculum.

Push yourself physically on a La Vida trip. Stretch yourself philosophically in The Great Conversation. Learn to serve through Gordon in Lynn. Each of these opportunities represents an avenue of learning that is specifically crafted for first year students. We seek to tie together what you are learning in the classroom with what you practice outside the classroom.

The Integrated Curriculum includes:

  • The Great Conversation (TGC) is a small seminar style class that prepares you for writing in college. Beyond that TGC provides an arena for students to further their development as critically thinking Christians. Each class has a maximum of 15 students, a professor and a peer mentor known as a TGC Fellow.
  • Gordon in Lynn is a dynamic and exciting partnership between Gordon College and our neighboring city Lynn. Students can engage, learn, serve, and live in a diverse, urban community through relationships with various community organizations in Lynn. All first-year students have an opportunity to be a part of this exciting experience through the service-learning sections of TGC.
  • La Vida/Discovery is a wilderness-based experience that encourages students to explore their personal relationships with Jesus Christ. La Vida also provides students with critical decision making and problem solving skills.
  • First-Year Forums are a series of convocation gatherings designed specifically for the needs of first-year students. There are three programs per semester. Topics addressed include involvement, leadership development, relationships and time management.

Your Gordon College education will happen everywhere—in the residence hall as well as the library. If you want to push the boundaries of your education, what better place to start than a classroom without walls?

Your first two opportunities for to explore this will take place in the first week after Orientation:

  • On the Thursday following Orientation, we will host the Church Fair—where over 50 local churches will have representatives on campus to help you discover how to get involved and where to worship.
  • On the Wednesday following Orientation, the campus will come alive with Ye Olde Scottie Faire. All clubs, organizations and student ministries will be represented giving students an opportunity to build their own out-of-class experiences.

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