What Will I Take My First Semester?

The core curriculum explores the liberal arts and sciences from a Christian perspective. Two foundational core courses are taken in your first year, as well as a number of common core courses. Among the general core, you can choose from many options, depending on your interests and schedule. The whole core is meant to be taken over your four years so that you can engage in these fundamental questions while you go deeper into a particular area of study. Learn more about the core requirement ➔

In the first year, all students take two foundational core:

  • The Great Conversation (COR107, 108/109 or 110) In our first year seminar and writing course, you'll be able to sharpen your writing and communication skills while wrestling with classic liberal arts questions from a Christian perspective. This becomes a great conversation as we welcome in the voices of communities, thinkers and writers across time and place. There will be several sections that have a service learning focus.
  • La Vida or Discovery - Our outdoor education experience promotes leadership, confidence and growth in community.  This can be taken in the summer or during the semester.

Students will also take several core courses over the first two semesters:

  • HIS 121   - Historical Perspectives
  • BCM 101 - Old Testament
  • BCM 103 - New Testament
  • Social sciences, Natural Sciences, Fine Arts or Literature
  • Language study

Finally, students will be enrolled in a course or courses in their major or field of exploration.  Some majors focus more on core courses in the first year, while others require specific major courses each semester. 

Sample first-semester schedule: deciding major

Summer La Vida (August) 0 credits
COR107 (TGC) 4 credits
HIS121 4 credits
FRE101 4 credits
Elective in major of interest 4 credits
Total: 16 credits

Sample first-semester schedule: communication arts major

COR107 (TGC) 4 credits
ENG 140 (Literature core) 4 credits
BCM101 (Old Testament) 4 credits
COM101 (Visual Storytelling) 4 credits
Discovery 0 credits
Total: 16 credits