Gender Studies

Gender Studies


The Gender Studies Program at Gordon College explores how conceptions of gender shape our perceptions, interactions, and institutions in ways that redound to the benefit and detriment of various social groups. It teaches critical methods of inquiry and promotes habits of reflection that lead to transformative engagement with contemporary societies. It focuses special attention on the capacities of religious traditions—and of Christianity in particular—both to underwrite and to challenge our gendered orderings of the world.

To this end, we aim for our students to...

  • Be able to demonstrate familiarity with the major questions, figures, and methods that shape contemporary discussions of gender.
  • Be able to relate biblical themes to contemporary discussions about gender.
  • Understand how conceptions of gender shape our perceptions, interactions, and institutions.
  • Understand the ways that conceptions of gender affect various social groups to their benefit
    or detriment.
  • Be able to think about how a Christian voice can bring healing and reconciliation on both theoretical and practical levels in matters of gender.


The program is composed of three required courses (12 credits) and two or three electives (at least 8 credits).  A minimum of 20 credits is required for the minor or concentration. Aside from the fact that the research seminar is a senior-level capstone, there is no necessary sequencing of courses.

Required courses (12 credits)

  • PHI240   Philosophy of Women: Women's Knowing, Doing, Being
  • SOC333 Sociology of Gender
  • PHI473   Gender Today

Elective Courses (8 credits)

  • BCM318  Gender in the Church: Biblical and Theological Perspectives
  • POL320   Women in Politics
  • SOC371  Human Sexuality
  • SOC340  Women and World Development
  • Oregon Extension Women's Studies May Term

Students may choose no more than one of the following cognate elective courses.

  • BCM205  Corinthian Correspondence
  • ENG420  Literary Criticism
  • LIN301     Sociolinguistics
  • PHI234    Aesthetics
  • PHI310    Language and Interpretation
  • PHI330    Contemporary Ethical Theories and Issues
  • SOC232  Diversity in U.S. Populations


Lauren Barthold
Associate Professor of Philosophy
P 978.867.4501
Daniel Johnson
Professor of Sociology
P 978.867.4407