Grad Ed Faculty Accomplishments

Natasha Kolehmainen, an adjunct graduate faculty member, was recently awarded a contract with the New Hampshire Department of Education to provide technical assistance related to the new Dyslexia Law in New Hampshire. Natasha travels around the state working with school districts and providing regional training related to understanding the law, implementing the requirements and improving practices.

Melinda Eichhorn, an assistant professor for Graduate Education, Amanda Lowry, and Kristen Burke, a recent Graduate Education alumna presented at TODOS 2018: Mathematics for ALL. Their session was named "Strategies for Access and Success Across Student Groups through Universal Design for Learning." In this session, they taught attendees how to apply the Universal Design for Learning engagement guidelines to their classrooms, how to proactively create instructional environments and pedagogy accessible to students of all abilities and how to encourage all students, including English Language Learners and those with different learning needs, to become more autonomous learners by embedding choices and removing learning barriers in their instruction.