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Bridge your liberal arts background to a career in finance


Master of Science in Financial Analysis

Business scandals have shown us that details can’t be taken for granted. This means that companies and organizations are not just hiring analysts who can crunch numbers, but who will do so while adhering to high ethical standards. At Gordon, the business model is different. Within our Christian framework, business and financial services—like in the Parable of the Talents—can serve as a medium for social good, stewardship, justice and love.

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This program is great for students from all four-year, academic backgrounds—whether you have a Bachelor of Arts, Science or Applied Science on your college diploma. Gordon’s Master of Science in Financial Analysis (MSFA) is both a good fit for those looking to further their business and finance careers, and for those looking to transition into a finance or business career from the humanities, social sciences or STEM-related fields. Unlike similar programs, you can apply to Gordon’s M.S. in Financial Analysis without prior business experience or mastery of calculus, statistics, economics or accounting. 

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Emmanuel Appia Mensah

Gordon's program is preparing me for the corporate world through the lens of a Christian worldview. I am loving everything about the program, from the flexibility of class schedules to the thought provoking discussions that are grounded in faith-based learning.
—Emmanuel Appiah-Mensah

Cassia Shoaf

I knew I was interested in finance and wanted to explore my options, especially to be more distinguishable in the job market. This program allows me to experience many dynamic opportunities, and also prepares me to handle myself in the corporate world where "financials" are key parts of every business.
—Cassia Shoaf

Yechan Hur

It's the emphasis on ethics and integrity, specifically within the context of finance, that attracted me to this program. Having a grounding in financial analysis from a Christian perspective will produce honorable men and women.
—Yechan Hur

Seasoned faculty

Financial industry experts committed to faith

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Passionate about the intersection of faith and finance, our faculty have an impressive track record to share with our MSFA students. They are heads of global investment strategy; fixed income analysts; consultants for clients like GE, Intel and Boeing; contributors to the Harvard Business Journal, Fortune and the Wall Street Journal; top-ranked Wall Street analysts; graduates of the Wharton School, MIT’s Sloan School of Management, U.C. Davis and Harvard University; and among the foremost authorities on finance and accounting in the context of the increasingly global and rapidly changing business environment.

This combination lends itself to a holistic vision—one that is not simply focused on career trajectory and personal success, but on the flourishing of those around us.  Meet our faculty ➔

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