Room and Board Costs


On-campus housing is assigned by the Center for Student Development (CSD). Contact CSD for additional housing information at 978.867.4263.

Board Plan

All students residing on campus are required to participate in a meal plan. The only exceptions are those students housed in Tavilla Hall, Bromley Hall, Ferrin apartments or Dexter House. Students in these buildings will be enrolled in a meal plan that can be waived at the discretion of the student. The student ID card serves as the meal plan card for all students. Students receive meal points which are equal in value to the dollar amount of the plan chosen. Any Fall semester unused meal points will roll over to the Spring semester. Any unused meal points at the end of the spring semester is forfeited and cannot be carried forward.

Room Costs per semester
Single* 4,182
Double** 3,376
Triple*** 2,880
Bromley / 26 Hull Street 4,176
Chase (Double / Large Triple) 3,998
Chase (Triple) 3,398
Ferrin Suite 4,182
Ferrin Apt / Dexter 3,696
Fulton (Double) 3,926
Fulton (Triple) 3,337
HUD / Nyland Suite 3,896
Nyland (Double / Quad) 3,640
Nyland (Triple) 3,458
Tavilla Apt (Single) 4,446
Tavilla Apt (Double) 4,312
Board Cost per semester 
Board Plan 1,734
Apartment Meal Plan    867


*SINGLE is defined as a private room in Evans or Wilson

**DOUBLE is defined as a double occupancy room in 5 Hull Street, Conrad, Drew, Evans, Ferrin, Gedney, Hilton, Lewis, MacInnis, Rider, or Wilson

***TRIPLE is defined as a triple occupancy room in Drew or Ferrin