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Professional Physics

The Professional Physics concentration is designed for students who would either like to continue their physics studies in graduate school or would like to work in industry as a physicist. The course requirements, selected textbooks and material coverage, the two-year sequence of advanced labs and the year-long required senior research project (required of all majors) give students exposure, experience and knowledge that will serve them well as a graduate student or as a career physicist.

In addition to the required courses listed near the bottom of this page that all physics majors must take, the following three courses are required for the professional physics concentration:  

PHY130  First-Year Physics Seminar
PHY355 Quantum Mechanics
PHY372 Thermal Physics

For the professional physics concentration, the physics department recommends additional science and mathematics courses. In particular, the physics department strongly recommends these courses:

PHY313/MAT313 Mathematical Methods in Physics II
PHY340 Electricity and Magnetism II
PHY341 Optics
PHY371 Selected Topics in Physics

PHY121, 122  Introductory Physics I, II
PHY214/MAT214 Mathematical Methods in Physics I 
PHY225 Electronics
PHY236 Modern Physics
PHY314 Mechanics 
PHY339  Electricity and Magnetism I
PHY391, 392 Junior Seminar I, II
PHY471, 472 Research I, II
PHY491, 492  Senior Seminar I, II
MAT141, 142 Calculus I, II
MAT223 Calculus III
MAT225 Differential Equations 
Two of the following courses:
CHE111, 112 Principles of Chemistry I, II
CPS121 Introduction to Programming
CPS122 Object-Oriented Software Development