Computer Science Major


Gordon's academic computing facilities include a laboratory of workstations for computer science student use and several computer laboratories for general student use. Access to the department's server is available on the campus network. Programming languages available include Ada, APL, C, C++, COBOL, FORTRAN, Java, JavaScript, LISP, OPS-5, Pascal, Perl, Python, and PROLOG.


Students majoring in computer science must complete the following:

CPS121 Introduction to Programming
CPS122 Object-Oriented Software Development
CPS221 Software Systems
CPS222 Data Structures and Algorithms
CPS403 Computers and Society
CPS491 Senior Seminar
MAT230 Discrete Mathematics
One of the following:
  • MAT134   Survey of Calculus
  • MAT141   Calculus I
In addition, the requirements for one of the concentrations listed below must
be fulfilled.
General Concentration
Intended to prepare students for a career in software development, graduate study in computer science, or a field that utilizes computer technology.
CPS311 Computer Organization
CPS320 Models of Computation
CPS492 Software Development Project

One of the following:

  • MAT232   Linear Algebra
  • MAT318   Probability
  • MAT338   Number Theory

Students must also complete 12 credits of computer science electives chosen from 300-level courses; not more than 4 of these credits may be taken in courses cross-listed between computer science and another discipline. In addition, students must carry out a senior project (approved in advance by the department) in which they demonstrate the ability to apply classroom learning to an actual computer application or research project of significant size.

Computer Information Systems Concentration >>


Seniors who research and write an honors thesis will be eligible to graduate with honors in computer science. Under the direction of a faculty advisor, candidates will carry out research in an area not covered by existing courses culminating in a significant honors thesis, which will be defended orally to departmental faculty during the senior year. Normally this will be done in the context of a 2- to 4-credit independent study. The minimum GPA for honors candidates is 3.5 in the major and 3.0 overall. See departmental faculty for details.


In consultation with an advisor from the department each student will work out a minor program including:

  • CPS121   Introduction to Programming
  • CPS122   Object-Oriented Software Development
  • CPS221   Software Systems
  • CPS403   Computers and Society

Students must also take 8 credits of computer science electives chosen from courses listed beyond CPS221; not more than 4 of these credits may be taken in courses cross-listed with another discipline.