Office of Community Engagement

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In the end there are only two possible attitudes which Christians can adopt toward the world. One is escape and the other engagement.”—Rev. John Stott, theologian

The Office of Community Engagement (OCE):

Seeks to develop faithful and reflective student leaders,
through guided civic engagement,
within mutually beneficial partnerships,
journeying together in hope
to foster healthy community

The OCE creates, coordinates, and supports programs of service-learning and community outreach. Students, faculty, and staff work within mutually beneficial community-based partnerships, the majority of which are based in Lynn, but also across the North Shore and greater Boston area.


Serving in Lynn

of first-year students served weekly in the City of Lynn for an entire semester

Community service hours

hours Gordon students served through the OCE

Serving in Lynn

Gordon students served through OCE programs

OCE Programs:

Haley Drolet

"My service has taught me how to love my neighbors. It has been a lens through which I have seen the heart of injustices, the beauty of community development, and the success that comes from mutually beneficial partnerships. It has grown me personally, relationally, and certainly spiritually. Looking back I realize that I was the true beneficiary.”

Haley Drolet ’15, Gordon in Lynn

Steve Mull

“Before participating in College Bound, it was easy for me to forget our neighbor’s immediate needs. Going into Lynn every week has challenged me to give up my own concerns by devoting myself and my time to the service of others.”

Steve Mull '15, College Bound

Ashley Miller

“Serving [at local farms] reminds me that although the world is big, messy, chaotic and full of hurt, God’s Kingdom is sprouting up like little green shoots. Like the compost pile that transforms discarded waste into black gold, God is redeeming the ugliest parts of us and using them to give life to the world.”

Ashley Miller '13, Outreach Teams