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President D. Michael Lindsay

The Latest with Lindsay

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Recent Travels

In July I spent nearly two weeks in Asia, including stops in Beijing, Seoul and Hong Kong.

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Using Power to Shape the World Around Us

President Lindsay delivered a keynote lecture at the 2012 Christians in Political Science Conference, held this year at Gordon College.

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How to Steer a Ship In a Storm

Gordon College President Michael Lindsay and Wheaton College President Philip Ryken were recently co-interviewed by CT about the challenges and strengths of Christian higher education.

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Portrait of a Mentor

Inside Higher Ed gives readers an in-depth look at President Lindsay's mentorship of Gordon College student Ken Hallenbeck, and the important role mentors have played in Lindsay's own life.

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President Lindsay participates in a panel discussion on religion and politics in the 2012 election

In this event, sponsored by the Baker Institute, the Texas Freedom Network and Rice University, the president shares insights from his sociological research on evangelical leadership in positions of power, and discusses "ten myths about religious conservatives," and how these myths impact the climate of the upcoming presidential election.

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