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Victory Promise

Gordon's Victory Promise is to offer students the ability by graduation to complete at least one foundational opportunity in each of the four pillars of Gordon’s mission: intellectual maturity, Christian character, lives of service and leadership worldwide.

Why Victory?

Victory isn’t about winning; it’s about finishing well. In the waning moments of his life on the night of February 1, 1895, Adoniram Judson Gordon—pastor, visionary and founder of the college that bears his name—was tended by family and members of his congregation. During the course of the evening, one of his physicians asked him, “Dr. Gordon, do you have a good word for us tonight?” With a clear voice that belied his fading strength, Gordon replied: “Victory.” It was his last word—and it serves as an inspiring legacy for the College. The sum of a Christian’s life is measured in more than career success and temporal standards of accomplishment. To that end, Gordon College is committed to helping students discover how to lead their lives with purpose, worthy of the unique call God has inspired in them. That, in the words of our founder, is victory. And it’s our promise to students.

At Gordon, a thoughtful biblical context supports a robust liberal arts education and allows for rigorous learning, critical engagement with ideas, and respect for those whose views differ. As iron sharpens iron, a student’s intellectual mettle is tested through engagement, investigation and application.

Example Foundational Opportunities

  • Original research: Work closely with Gordon faculty to conduct original research or complete a creative project. 
  • Thought leadership: Through events and small-group discussions, engage with well-known business, church or thought leaders who come to campus each year. 
  • One-to-one mentoring: Benefit from personalized mentoring in one of Gordon’s many structured programs involving a member of the faculty or staff.
  • Professional review: Complete a semester or year-long academic project that includes peer or professional review.

Education is transformation, and at Gordon, we take it personally. Intentional programming through Chapel and Convocation, close connections with faculty, small classes, shared meals, communal worship—these are just some of the ways we facilitate spiritual formation in the lives of students.

Example Foundational Opportunities

  • Bonds of fellowship: Participate in regular devotional, worship and prayer gatherings in residence halls.
  • Deeper worship: Connect with friends at Catacombs, an intimate, weekly student-run worship experience.
  • Special services: Take part in immersive opportunities like DEEP FAITH week and weekend retreats sponsored by the Chapel Office and Student Life.
  • Discipling relationship: Develop a discipling relationship with an older Christian peer, or a member of the faculty or staff.

In the words of A. J. Gordon, “Service overflows from us.” As an institution, Gordon values the importance of being a good neighbor—locally and globally—and facilitates dozens of annual service and mission opportunities for students.

Example Foundational Opportunities

  • Service learning: Serve our neighbors and those in need through one of Gordon’s church, nonprofit or community partnerships in the greater Boston area.
  • Student leadership: Serve as a student leader through an athletics or residence life program or as part of the Gordon College Student Association.
  • Missions trip: Join one of more than a dozen Gordon mission trips around the country and world.
  • Social entrepreneurship: Participate in an entrepreneurial opportunity that advances the common good, locally or globally.

Gordon recognizes that every student has the capacity to lead—not necessarily through power and position—but by example. Students are prepared for positions of responsibility as a natural extension of their commitment to service and excellence, which are hallmarks of lasting success.

Example Foundational Opportunities

  • Global exposure: Study, work or research abroad through programs on six continents.
  • Real world experiences: Pursue a domestic or international College-facilitated internship.
  • Learning by leading: Participate in one of dozens of leadership development opportunities on campus.
  • Network for success: Build a network by graduation with at least one professional in one’s major or area of career interest, facilitated by the Office of Career Services.