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Transportation Request

Before completing this form:
If you're scheduling an Individual Visit, please contact the Admissions Office at 866.464.6736 prior to finalizing your travel arrangements in order to confirm your dates and our availability.

Transportation Request Form

1. I understand Gordon College provides transporation for students traveling alone.

Yes, I am a student traveling alone.

2. My visit is scheduled for (mm/dd/yyyy):

3. Visit Type

4. For students who will be staying overnight: I understand that the Gordon College Admissions Office only offers overnight accommodations (through admissions hosts) on the date/week night specified on our website (www.gordon.edu/visit). All other requests must be made prior to filling out this form.


5. First Name

6. Last Name

7. Cell Phone (carried by student traveling)

8. Home Phone

9. City

10. State

11. Country (if not USA)

12. Email (traveler)

13. Parent Email (if they would like to receive a copy of your Transportation Confirmation)

14. Airport / Station

15. Arrival Carrier (ex. Greyhound, AmTrak, United)

16. Arrival Flight / Bus / Train Number

17. Arrival Flight / Bus / Train Date (e.g. mm/dd/yyyy)

18. Arrival Flight / Bus / Train Time

19. Departure Carrier (ex. Greyhound, AmTrak, United)

20. Departure Flight / Bus / Train Number

21. Departure Flight / Bus / Train Date (e.g. mm/dd/yyyy)

22. Departure Flight / Bus / Train Time