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Beau's Indoor Dog Park

The first indoor dog park on the North Shore of Boston—a clean, safe, and spacious place for dogs to play accompanied by their owners.

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There are 24,000 dogs on the North Shore of Boston, and there is only one other indoor dog park in all of Massachusetts. Dog owners avoid taking out their dogs during inclement weather, are afraid of improper supervision at dog parks, and wish they could let their dogs off leash.



Beau’s Indoor Dog Park is a safe and fun environment for dogs to exercise and socialize and for their owner to find community and share in their love of their pets. Located in a warehouse in either Peabody or Salem, Beau’s will be open 7 days a week for dog owners.

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Beau’s is like a gym membership for your dog! Owners pay a monthly fee for access, $50 for one dog, or $60 for two dogs. We will also offer dog training classes, arrange for meet-ups for same breed groups, and offer locally sourced dog food and dog products. 

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Beau’s Indoor Dog Park plans to raise $35,000 in capital costs to startup through hosting events to promote community engagement and partnering with local nonprofits and local businesses for fundraisers. Funds for Social Venture Challenge will help us market to reach our goal!

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