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Renewable Energy

Gordon’s energy consumption, including heating/cooling and electrical, is derived from renewable resources (including ‘green tags’ but not nuclear or large scale hydro power). This energy consumption is 0.025% on site.

The breakdown between on-site renewable versus off-site renewable energy is:

  • Percent on-site: 100%
  • Percent off-site: 0, future contract

Clean and Renewable Energy

Gordon College supports the development and use of clean and renewable energy sources.
Please note, figures are converted into one million British thermal units (MMBtu) – a standard measure of energy) using the following equivalents:

1 kWh = 0.003412 MMBtu 1 MWh = 3.412 MMBtu  
1 therm = 0.1 MMBtu 1 kBtu = 0.001 MMBtu  
1 ton-hour = 0.012 MMBtu 1 MJ = 0.000948 MMBTU  


  • The total clean and renewable electricity generated on site during the performance year and for which the institution retains or has retired the associated environmental attributes:
  • 13.64 MMBtu
  • Total energy consumed during the performance year:
  • 29,006 MMBtu
  • Gordon’s on-site renewable electricity-generating device includes 5.9KW photovoltaric on Roosevelt Hall.
  • Gordon’s Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) purchased during the previous year include Green Power: 586,000 KWH. This contract began December 1, 2014 and extends until December 1, 2016.

Gordon uses the following renewable energy on campus:

  • Bio diesel

Gordon’s biodiesel project is headed up by Leo Cleary, carpentry supervisor and locksmith, who has also been described as an inventor, a craftsman, an artist and a technician. Cleary has led the way in many environmental initiatives on campus, including Gordon’s biodiesel efforts—both making biodiesel and running the biodiesel car. Cleary's other contributions include lecturing on his custom-built biodiesel reactor both on campus and in the surrounding community, as well as exploring alternative energy possibilities—even the viabilities of wind power.

  • Solar power

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