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Summit Registration 2018

Please complete the following registration for Summit 2018. The essay questions are designed to help us get to know you. Be sure to type these on a separate document then copy and paste them into the browser. The answers are NOT saved when the window is closed without a submission. We recommend that you provide thoughtful and articulate answers.

A $200 deposit is required to complete registration. You can make this deposit via check made out to "Gordon College" with "Summit Deposit" in the memo line (mail to Gordon College, Attn: La Vida Summit, 255 Grapevine Rd, Wenham, MA 01984), or by clicking the "Make a Payment to Summit" link on the left.

Thank you for registering for Summit! We look forward to having you with us this summer.

1. Student Name (First):

2. Student Name (Last):

3. Date of Birth:

4. Gender:


5. Student Email:

6. Student Street Address:

7. Student City and State:

8. Student Zip Code:

9. Parent/Guardian Name (First):

10. Parent/Guardian Name (Last):

11. Parent/Guardian E-Mail:

12. Parent/Guardian Phone:

13. Parent/Guardian Address (if different from student):

14. Church Name:

15. Church Address:

16. Name of Pastor:

17. HIgh school Name:

18. How did you hear about Summit?

19. Have you made your $200 deposit?


20. What college do you plan to attend in fall of 2018:

21. (Briefly) tell us about yourself. Where are you from? What are your hobbies? What are some of your hopes and plans for your future?

22. In the past year, what has been the most impactful book/movie/TV show/blog for you and why?

23. What are three goals you have for yourself over the next year?

24. What is one cultural/social issue you’ve taken a keen interest in over the past year and why?

25. Please tell us (briefly) why you want to be a part of the Summit Study Center:

26. If a stranger were to ask why you’re a Christian, what would you say?

27. Do you know anyone who may be interested in coming to Summit with you?