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An intensive, intentional experience for high school students

August 2–August 23, 2018

Dive into intentional community with a small group of fellow high school students at Summit, a three-week experience in the Adirondack Mountains of New York. Housed at Gordon’s wilderness-based study center, you’ll complete a biblical studies course with Gordon faculty, embark on a wilderness expedition and participate in local service projects. And along the way, you’ll develop deep friendships and be challenged in your relationship with Christ.


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in a theological

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the deeper questions
of faith and life

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new levels of
faith and understanding


Student Testimonials 

“Summit is an amazing growing experience and a great way to start off college.”

“Summit was life-changing and really prepared me for college. The theology class blew my mind... it changed my way of seeing the world.”

“Summit has shown me what community in a healthy environment can achieve.”