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Studio 226

Studio 226 in the Barrington Center for the Arts is a private photo/video studio available to students working on Art and Comm Arts assignments and personal projects. Faculty, staff, and campus groups may also request to rent the space, when not in use.

Anyone interested in using the studio must fill out the form below. See below for the studio availability calendar.

Staff/Faculty/Clubs: If you are not a student in an Art or Comm Arts class working on an assignment, you may request the studio but will be charged a rental fee of $25 per hour. You will need to provide your own equipment.

Peter Morse
Manager, Barrington Center for the Arts

Studio 226 Reservation

1. Name of requester:

2. Email of requester:

3. Phone # of requester:

4. Names of everyone in your group / production crew:

5. Preferred date: (Check calendar below for available time slots.)

6. How many hours do you need the studio?


7. Preferred start time:

8. Preferred end time:

9. What class/project is this for?

10. Describe the reason you need the studio and how you will be using it:

11. What camera/lighting gear will you need?

12. Will you be bringing any large props / set pieces?

13. Will you be making much noise while using the studio? If yes, please explain.

14. Do you plan to record audio while in the studio? Is audio critical for this project? If yes, please explain.

15. Is your project sensitive/private in nature? If yes, please explain.