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Student Alert Response Form

Students - Use this form if you still have questions, or can’t find the resources you need that will help you flourish this semester. Someone from Student Life or Student Success will follow up to help you problem solve.

1. Enter your first and last name

2. Your Gordon email address

3. Contact phone (calls or texts), or fill in below if an International phone

4. International phone (if your best contact)

5. What is the nature of your concern (pick any that apply)


6. If you've already spoken with a campus faculty or staffer, who was it?

7. If this concern is specifically related to learning or academic engagement or performance, please describe it briefly here to help us understand.

8. If this concern is related to personal or engagement/connectivity, please describe it briefly here so we can understand. * Please note that we may need to share your concern with other campus professionals and so by submitting you are permitting us to do so.