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Steve Prince

Steve Prince

Power Made Perfect in Brokenness:

The Art of Steve Prince

On view: October 22–December 2, 2016
Reception: Saturday, October 22, 4–6 PM

The Gallery at Barrington Center for the Arts
Gordon College

"It is Steve’s faith that calls him to be an artist. His work is an unending exploration of that faith and its relationship to his life, his culture and his community. To Steve, 'We are all living epistles, whether we want to be or not.' In Urban Epistles, a series of prints that was recently exhibited in the Grand Rapids Art Museum, he visually interprets the thirteen epistles of Paul, recontextualizing them within a contemporary, urban framework. His work becomes an 'open letter' to American culture calling them, 'to acknowledge their role within the fabric of the American family and to redress race, representation, and education with a new raiment woven of respect, truth and equality.'" —Excerpt from ZuCot Gallery

This exhibition features a large scale drawing, produced collaboratively with Gordon College art majors from October 20th to October 22nd.