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Sport Studies

Sport is a global cultural phenomenon. Just as cultures around the world celebrate sport, the world of sport influences cultural attitudes and expectations. A concentration or minor in sport studies prepares you for winning careers in coaching, sports programming or administration in youth, school or community-based programs. It may also open doors for you to enter the fields of sport journalism, sport media and sport management.

Pursue sport studies as a concentration in the recreation, sport and wellness major, or as a minor alongside a different major.

Why pursue sport studies at Gordon?

Study sport from a liberal arts perspective by fusing movement science with historical, philosophical, psychological and sociological perspectives. Through a Christian lens, you’ll explore what it means to be good stewards of time and energy, and how to develop a missional approach to sport. Whatever your career goals, you’ll learn to be an excellent team player—on the field and in your workplace, family, church and community.

What careers can I pursue with sport studies?

Sport studies can serve as a springboard for graduate work in sport psychology, sport medicine, sport sociology, sport history, sport philosophy, sport law and sport management. You will also be equipped for a wide range of careers, including:

  • Coaching
  • Athletic administration
  • Sport programming
  • Sport information
  • Sport journalism
  • Sport media
  • Sport marketing
  • Sport ministry
  • Personal training
  • Community recreation

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Skylar Bareford

Skylar Bareford ’14

Head Women’s Basketball Coach at Covenant College, Lookout Mountain, GA

“Being a Recreation, Sport and Wellness major absolutely set the foundation for my current career in college athletics. In fact, I would attribute the Philosophy of Coaching class to where I really began to understand the higher calling there was in being a coach for the kingdom. I still use the principles and ideas I learned in that class each day as the women's basketball coach at Covenant College.” Hear from others ➔


A sport studies concentration in the recreation, sport and wellness major includes a research project and robust internship program. These practical experiences will enable you to apply what you are learning in the classroom to the work environment. Many students pursue more than one internship at places like Fenway Sports Management, Special Olympics, UCLA Women’s Basketball and Boston College Football, and they often translate into full-time jobs after graduation. You’ll also have opportunities for real-world experience on campus through Gordon Athletics the Bennett Athletic Center, the La Vida Center for Outdoor Education and Leadership, and our Center for Balance, Mobility and Wellness.

Global Opportunities

Expand your global perspectives through study abroad programs.

Related Programs

Recreation, sport and wellness majors with a concentration in sport studies may add a second major or minor in a related program—such as kinesiology, business administration, psychology, sociology or communication arts.

Many other majors can benefit from a minor in sport studies—including business administration majors interested in sport management or sport marketing; kinesiology majors who want to enter sport medicine or personal training; and communication arts majors interested in journalism or sports information. If you're majoring in education or youth ministry, a sport studies minor can give you the tools you'll need for effective coaching and sports ministry. Students in the social sciences can integrate sport into their unique disciplines, including sport psychology, sport sociology and sport history. 


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Valerie J. Gin
Department Chair
Recreation, Sport and Wellness

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