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Sarah Garcia, Distanced

Artist Statement

Struggle has a tendency to bring out interesting sides of people’s characters. In the midst of these tumultuous times we all are pushed into situations that are unique as our routines are thrown out of sorts. Yet even in the chaos there can be a sense of peace knowing that a lot of us are facing similar difficulties and if we listen we may find that we are as alone as the mandated social distance requires.

Olivia Neal and Lucas Sousa-Ross, In Good Company

Artist Statement

We’re called to be a light in the world. To uplift and bring joy to our brothers and sisters in Christ. That is what we’re here to do. Especially in a time of uncertainty in the world, we hope this video brings you a bit of peace during your day and remind you our hope is not lost, but faith will prevail. In Good Company stars a selection of our marvelous pals. Through the joy musical theatre brings, we are able to share the testimonies of our friends and family in different and fun ways. Musical Theatre has the power to express what is on one’s heart. It expresses universal truths in which we all can relate. In our pursuit of this showcase, we hope to bring a smile to your face and be joyful in the knowledge that God has us and knows the longings and dreams of our heart. It is an honor to perform virtually with our friends and family through a collection of musical theatre songs. We love all of you and miss you.

Julia Ragusa, The Collective Experience

Artist Statement

As humans, we have the opportunity to relate to one another in an age where it seems both easy with the benefits of social media, and yet impossible due to the disingenuous connections we create. According to Louise C. Hawkley Ph.D. and John T. Cacioppo Ph.D. in their study Loneliness Matters: A Theoretical and Empirical Review of Consequences and Mechanism, “80% of those under 18 years of age and 40% of adults over 65 years of age report being lonely at least sometimes” and that “Loneliness is synonymous with perceived social isolation, not with objective social isolation.” As a result, they have found that “Loneliness predicts increased morbidity and mortality…loneliness has been shown to exhibit a dose-response relationship with cardiovascular health risk in young adulthood.” In response to this problem, the art of theatre has the potential to change our perspective on perceived social isolation. Narratives that spark questioning, engage our emotions, and allow us to experience the collective humanity can give us a sense of community. In performance, two people engaging in action act as a reflection of our lives, one person speaking with active intent can allow us to reflect internally, music can bring out our expressed emotions, and dance can show us the value of the human body in motion causing us to wonder and be encouraged by humanity. All of these elements combined creates the conditions for a holistic reflection and theatrical experience of humanity. The cabaret The Collective Experience will provide for an encouraging, thought-provoking, and cathartic experience for audience and actor alike.

Alexia Rowe, The Rest of Us

Artist Statement

The Rest Of Us is a parallel to my own life. The storyline mainly focuses on Janet and her mute brother, struggling to find her place in a neighborhood full of indie musicians whose very future is threatened by the outside world of major record labels. Just like I have had to find my own voice (literally and figuratively), so do Janet and her brother in order to be free from confines they have imposed on themselves. Like both main characters in the play and I have had to do, The Rest Of Us sounds a call to the audience to shift their own paradigms about the quality of their lives in general.

Hannah Schuurman, Play Announcement

Artist Statement

Over the next few weeks I will be working toward creating a production plan for a staged show coming sometime in the uncertain future. Plans for this show to be staged at Gordon College in the Margaret Jensen Theatre are in the works, though unconventional spaces are being considered. Auditions will be held for all roles once a show is determined based on availability of rights and the time frame for when we will be able to meet in person once again.

Elizabeth Van Bebber, Daniel

Artist Statement

We live in a time which is unprecedented within living memory. With all the turmoil and anxiety caused by COVID-19, we may wonder what God is up to. How can we remain faithful to him when we feel like our world is being upended? Will God remain faithful to us?

Daniel, over two millennia ago, also had his world completely upended. As a teenager, his home was destroyed by an invading army, and his life forever changed as he was deported to Babylon. The book which bears his name is an assertion of the sovereignty of God over the course of history, even in the midst of devastating uncertainty.

This adaptation is intentionally anachronistic. Ancient and modern language and imagery have been woven together in order to communicate the meaning of the book clearly and forcefully.