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Senior Breakfast

Commencement Senior Breakfast 2017

For graduating seniors, please complete the survey. Your name MUST be on the list of expected attendees in order to be admitted to the Senior Breakfast. This breakfast is ONLY for graduating seniors (no other guests). The only exception is that If you are married, your spouse may attend. It will be held on Friday, May 19, at 9 a.m. at the Danversport Yacht Club.

1. First Name

2. Last Name:

3. Senior Breakfast - Friday, May 19, 9 a.m., Danversport Yacht Club. How many will attend? It will likely be just one - unless you are married and you wish to have your spouse attend. If you are not attending, choose "0".

0 - You are NOT attending
1 - You are attending
2 - You and your spouse are attending

4. Commencement Beverages - Saturday, May 20. Immediately following Commencement on the quad, beverages will be available for you and your guests. We would like to get a count for proper purchasing. How many will attend Commencement (including you)?

5. Please tell us your t-shirt size.