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Academic Programs - Gordon College

... Personal, Social, Global PCS325—Conflict Mediation: Theory & Practice ... COMMUNICATION
ARTS Optional: COM425—Internship Required: COM325—Advanced Writing ...
www.gordon.edu/sustainability/academicprograms - 31k

Faculty of the Balkans Semester - Gordon College

... Paul A. Brink Paul Brink teaches Political Theory, European Politics, and Canadian
Politics. ... Del Re is a professor of the Faculty of Communication Sciences at ...
www.gordon.edu/inbalkans/faculty - 35k

BA in Music - Gordon College

... You’ll study music history, theory and composition, refine your musicianship on ... or
minor to complement their studies—such as communication arts, theatre ...
www.gordon.edu/music/ba - 21k

Peace and Conflict Courses & Requirements - Gordon College

... Personal, Social, Global; PCS 325 - Conflict Mediation: Theory and Practice; ... COM
242 - Interpersonal Communication; PHI 236 - Contemporary Ethics: Love, Life ...
www.gordon.edu/peaceandconflict/courses - 18k

Marketing Faculty - Gordon College

... Communication Arts. Grace Chiou came to Gordon College in 2015 after completing
her Ph.D. at the University of Denver. Her concentration is in cultural theory ...
www.gordon.edu/marketing/faculty - 19k

Bert Hodges - Gordon College

... include major theoretical statements of values-realizing theory; work on ... Interaction
Studies: Social Behaviour and Communication in Biological and Artificial ...
www.gordon.edu/berthodges/ - 16k

2014-2015 Convocation - Gordon College

... Scott teaches a range of courses for the Communication Arts department, including ...
at the intersection of New Testament and literary theory, focusing especially ...
www.gordon.edu/page.cfm?iPageID=5648&iCategoryID=129&Conv... - 36k

Elevate: A Leadership Lab for the Next Generation - Gordon College

... Most importantly, students put theory into practice by tackling social needs from
their local communities during this intensive leadership lab. ...
www.gordon.edu/elevate/speakers/2013 - 19k

Graduate Leadership Courses - Gordon College

... Examination of theory underlying leadership style will enable the ... theories and
strategies related to institutional development, communication, and admissions. ...
www.gordon.edu/graduate/leadership/courses - 23k

[PDF] Jonathan Gerber

... and N. Tiliopoulos (Eds.), Personality and individual differences: Theory, assessment,
and ... on 10-year review panel for Department of Communication Arts 2013 ...
www.gordon.edu/download/facstaff/JPGerberCV_2017.pdf - 2018-01-23

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