Developing Enterprises In Rwanda

International Seminar: Developing Enterprises in Rwanda

July 29–August 19, 2018

Immerse yourself in the development initiatives transforming one of the most hopeful countries in Africa. This seminar introduces students to the needs of the poor and the diverse models (non-profit, government and business) that have emerged to address those needs. Class sessions are dedicated to deepening our understanding of Rwanda since the tragic genocide of 1994. Over 30 speakers and host organizations share hard-earned lessons from the development frontier in this beautiful "land of a thousand hills."

Experience first-hand the problems and progress of a developing country

Learn directly from the development experts crafting entrepreneurial solutions

Put knowledge and compassion to use through on-site service learning

There is perhaps no location that offers a more accessible and hopeful context for analyzing the effects of development. Rwanda—a poor, over-populated, landlocked country with few natural resources—is also one of the safest and most stable countries in Africa, thanks to its small size, stability and unification of language, religion and culture. This creates an ideal environment for studying the frontiers of international development.

“I had decided to go on that trip to learn how countries like my own (Haiti) could potentially grow, develop and become stronger nations. After this seminar, I went back home with a renewed will to make a change in Haiti, to work for its development however I could.”
 Melissa Jeanty, Pre-Med ‘16

“The Rwanda Seminar is one of the greatest opportunities offered to students at Gordon. No where else have I learned so intensely; developed my professional and personal understanding of the world; met so many inspiring and challenging people; or seen such beautiful places! This seminar is an exceptional program. I was so impressed with the thought-provoking and far-reaching program structure. I loved the interactive nature of this learning experience, because we expanded our understanding exponentially by going to the businesses, government offices, NGO’s, and community spaces founded by people committed to Rwanda’s development. I know the lessons I learned will positively influence my opinions, goals, and career path; they already have begun to.”
Gabrielle Perkins, Senior, Economics & French Major