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Group Event Registration

Rock Gym Group Registration Form

Fill out this form to request a reservation for a private event for your group or organization. Dates and times are subject to availability and will not be finalized until times are confirmed and a non-refundable $50 deposit is received.

1. Your name

2. Type of event (organization or group name if applicable)

3. Name of birthday child (if applicable)

4. Approximate size of group (number of participants)

5. Approximate age of participants

6. Mailing Address

7. City

8. State

9. ZIP code

10. Cell Phone

11. Home Phone

12. Fax

13. Email

14. Date and time requested

15. Alternate date & time(s)

16. Would you like to rent a private room for food and drinks for $25 per hour?


17. What time would like the room to be available for use?

18. How did you hear about us


19. Other information about this event