Funding Opportunities

Grant Title

Deadline Academic Division
Fulbright Scholars Program 8/1/13 Various
American Academy of Religion: Collaborative Research 8/1/13 Various
American Academy of Religion: Individual Research 8/1/13 Humanities
NEH: Media Makers Development Grant 8/14/13 Humanities
Wilson Center Eastern European Fellowship 9/1/13 Humanities; Social Sciences
American Academy in Berlin 9/2/13 Fine Arts; Humanties; Social Sciences
Calvin Center for Christian Scholarship 10/1/13 Various
The Louisville Institute 10/1/13 Humanities; Social Sciences
ACLS Fellowship 9/26/13 Humanities; Social Sciences
Frederick Burkhardt Residential Fellowships for Recently Tenured Scholars 9/26/13 Humanities; Social Sciences
Charles A. Ryskamp Research Fellowships 9/26/13 Humanities; Social Sciences
The Louisville Institute: Project Grants for Researchers 10/1/13 Humanities
The Amy Clampitt Poetry Residency Program 10/1/13 Fine Arts; Humanities
U.S. Institute of Peace Grant 10/1/13 Humanities; Social Sciences
Kellog Institute Visiting Fellows 10/1/13 Social Sciences
Cornell University Society for the Humanities - Fellowships 10/1/13 Humanities
University of Chicago Library - Robert L. Platzmann Fellowship 10/1/13 Humanities; Social Sciences
DAAD/German Academic Exchange 10/15/13 Humanities; Social Sciences
Getty Foundation Short Term Library Grants 10/15/13 Humanities; Social Sciences
University of Notre Dame Institute for Advanced Study 10/15/13 Fine Arts; Humanities; Social Sciences
Amy Lowell Poetry Travelling Fellowship 10/15/13 Fine Arts; Humanities
Clark Art Fellowships 10/15/13 Fine Arts; Humanities
American Academy of Arts and Sciences Visiting Scholars Program
10/22/13 Humanities
Rice University - Autrey Visiting Scholars 10/31/13 Humanities
Rome Prize 11/1/13 Fine Arts; Humanties; Social Sciences
The Louisville Institute: Sabbatical Grant for Researchers 11/1/13 Humanities
Howard Fellowships (from Brown University) 11/1/13 Fine Arts; Humanities
Getty Scholars and Research Fellowships 11/1/13 Fine Arts; Humanities; Social Sciences
Princeton University, Institute for Advanced Study 11/1/13 Humanities; Social Sciences
Valparaiso University, Lilly Teaching Fellows 11/1/13 Various
School for Advance Research Resident Fellows 11/1/13 Humanities
UND Kroc Institute of Peace Visiting Research Fellowship 11/1/13 Humanities
Rice University Humanities Research Center: Rice Seminars 12/1/13 Humanities
The American Political Science Association (APSA) 12/1/13 Social Sciences
Wellesley College, New House Center for the Humanities 12/1/13 Humanities
Vanderbuilt University, William S. Vaughn Visiting Fellowship 1/15/14 Humanities
Frederick B. Artz Summer Research Program 1/15/14 Humanities
Princeton University Library Research Grant 1/15/14 Humanities; Social Sciences
American Academy of Arts and Sciences Hellman Fellowship in Science and Technology Policy
1/17.14 Natural Sciences
Moakley Research Travel Grant (History) 3/1/14 Social Sciences
Robert J. Dole Archive and Fellowship (History) 3/15/14 Social Sciences
University of Alabama Short-Term Travel Grant (History) 3/22/14 Social Sciences
Boston Athanaeum Fellowships 4/15/14 Humanities
Gilder Lehrman Fellowships 5/1/14 Social Sciences
Rockerfeller Foundation, Bellagio Center 5/1/14 Fine Arts; Humanities; Social Sciences
Kluge Center Fellowships 7/15/14 Humanities; Social Sciences
New York Public Library Short Term Research Fellowships TBD Humanities; Social Sciences
National Science Foundation (NSF) Various Natural Sciences
National Endowment for the Humanities Various Humanities; Social Sciences
Department of Education Various Various
The Bradley Foundation Various Humanities; Social Sciences
American Psychological Association (APA) Various Natural Sciences; Social Sciences
Alexander von Humboldt Foundation Various Various
American Antiquarian Society Visiting Research Fellowships Various Humanities; Social Sciences

The NEH supports summer institutes and workshops every year across the US and internationally. Check them out here.

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