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Support & Resources

Wondering what's accessible to you from home? The truth is, nearly everything! Explore the resources below to see how you can connect with the people you need.

Counseling Center: They’ve shared some tips for managing your mental health and have also updated the community with their shifted offerings for this season of distance. Check out their advice and see what counseling services are available!

Academic Success Center: Many services that you’re used to utilizing will still continue from afar! Try some new organizational tools or online resources, or seek to connect with a tutor or counselor virtually. Learn more ➔

Academic Advising: Visit the Advising website for updates about advising and registration this spring. If you need help with registration or have more advising questions, just email  and we’ll follow up to schedule an online appointment. Learn more ➔

International Students: Whether you’re still on campus or around the world, we’re here to help. Check your email for updates, or send your questions to .

Jenks Library: With over half of the Jenks Library's collection available online, you can still get access to much of the information you need from afar. Need some help getting started navigating the online world of research? Check out the Remote Learning at Jenks Guide for detailed information about online support and resources. Learn more ➔ 

CTS: Members of their team are still on point for your technical needs! Explore their online content first, but don’t hesitate to reach out by phone at 978.867.4500.

CCI: The CCI is offering their services from afar! Jobs will still be posted to Handshake regularly and they're eager to help review your resumés, cover letters and other materials. Learn more ➔

The Bookstore: The Bookstore has a host of information to share in light of recent changes—from free shipping on orders, to free return shipping labels for book rentals, and most importantly, lots of digital resources to help in the transition. You’ll find them to be a valuable resource as we move to an online learning environment. Learn more ➔

Student Financial Services: Financial counselors are available to answer your questions, like always. The best way to reach them is by email at .  

Health Services: The Health Center is open for students still living on campus. For everyone’s continued safety, call 978.867.4300 to schedule an appointment—the nurse will do a phone screening before seeing you in the office. 

Still confused? 

Use this form to let us know of a potential problem you’re facing which may impact your experience or chance for success in this semester. Submissions are shared with senior student life and student success team representatives to find the best person to respond to you. 

A Note from Academic Advising

Even though your spring semester has been radically changed, we’re still looking forward to the next steps in your academic life. Your academic advisor will be reaching out to schedule a time to meet either by phone or video. Be sure to schedule your meeting before your registration time opens so that your advisor will be able to approve your courses.  

May 6 is the last day to withdraw from a current semester class.

In order to give you more options in this unusual semester, the course withdrawal period has been extended through the last day of classes. If you aren’t doing as well as you had hoped this semester, be sure to communicate with your professor and your advisor about your situation and about your options.  

The Academic Success Center has moved many services online to help you succeed and faculty are working hard to support you. However, sometimes withdrawing from a class can still be the best choice since it allows you to focus on your other course work. A course withdrawal means that you will not earn credit for the course, and you’ll receive a “W” on your transcript, which doesn’t impact your GPA. The Course Withdrawal form has been changed to an online form which you can find on my.gordon under the Academics tab on the top menu, and then under Forms (Digital) on the left sidebar.

As a reminder, we’ve also adjusted the online registration dates for next fall:

Seniors: Thursday, April 9
Juniors: Tuesday, April 14
Sophomores: Thursday, April 16
First-Years: Tuesday, April 21  

An update on grading

In the April 15 update from the College, changes on the grading policy for this semester were addressed. Learn more ➔

Still need help? 

Peer advising is still available for mapping out academic plans or sorting out your requirements. Email for an online meeting. Deciding and academic advising is also available. Email with your questions or to schedule an online appointment.  

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