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Keep on learning: tips for making the transition to online learning 

As you make the transition from in-person learning to online learning for the time being, you’ll likely find some unique challenges as well as new opportunities. Below you’ll find a host of tips to help you transition well and thrive in your new “normal.” Before you get started, though, read The Bell article on tips for getting setup well: From On Campus to Online: 7 Pro Tips for College Students Making the Switch ➔

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Schedule your time

Take time to plan out your days. You’ll find that you can really benefit from creating specific times for studying and self-care as well as scheduling in a time to take breaks. Consider using a daily schedule to organize your time, courtesy of the Academic Success Center. While scheduling your time, be sure to review your updated syllabi, check Blackboard and read any emails from your professors for changes in due dates and assignments. Visuals can be really helpful, so consider printing out a weekly- or monthly-view calendar to make a note of new deadlines. 

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Show up for class

Plan to get up, have a good breakfast, change out of your pajamas (even if you just change in to “daytime pajamas”) as you prepare to attend your virtual class. If you have a synchronous class, meaning you’re all convening together online, it should be scheduled at the regular class time, but check with your professor about time zone issues!   

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It may be overwhelming right now, but check your Gordon email often for information from your faculty. Also, let them know how you are doing! They really care about you and your continued success, especially during this time, so they’ll want to hear from you.

You may also want to chat with your new housemates about what you’re studying or about your current workload. Your family might be so excited to welcome you home that they’ve forgotten your current calling to be a student. Let them know you want to keep learning and what you might need from them to help stay focused. 

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Stay engaged and motivated

Minimize your distractions: Is there a spot where you can set up a little study station for yourself? The ideal spot might be away from others and by a window. Check out our article for more tips on setting up your workspace.

Set realistic goals for the day and the week: Just like scheduling your time, you’ll need to be intentional about what can be accomplished, especially if you’re faced with additional distractions or a slower internet speed than you’re used to on campus. Be realistic and extend yourself grace—we all need abundant grace right now, professors included!

Reward yourself when you meet your goals: Plan for mini-milestones! Finish two chapters? Take a walk! Complete a task? Dig into your prized “quarantine” snacks! Even if you didn’t crush it academically, at least you got out of bed, changed into your “daytime pajamas” and read your emails! Some days are better than others. Be kind to yourself in these crazy days.

Connect your Gordon community: Interact with your friends and your Gordon faculty with tools like Zoom, Facetime or Google Hangouts. Try committing to connecting with someone each day about your coursework and, we promise, you’ll likely feel less overwhelmed and you’ll definitely feel less lonely.

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Use creative study strategies

Teach the material to your dog: Need to memorize something? I’m sure he’d be glad to lend a listening ear.

Make flashcards and sit outside to quiz yourself: Do you even need more excuses to get outside?

Use your fridge: Draw concept maps of the chapter and tape it to the fridge. You’ll see the content more often and then the whole family can enjoy what you’re learning. Extra credit points for then teaching the concepts to them, because one of the best ways to solidify learning is to teach!

Summarize notes in your own words: Use your little brother’s crayons to make it colorful—whatever you need to do to keep yourself engaged and interested from a distance.

Use your resources

Follow the Academic Success Center on Instagram (@gordon.success) for regular updates and tips!

As the Writing Center moves its operations online, you’ll have two options for working with a trained writing tutor: 

  1. You can request typed comments on a draft and it can be returned to you within 24 hours.
    Send your draft as a Word document along with a copy of your assignment to . The tutor will not correct or edit your paper for you, but will provide feedback to help you revise and edit your writing yourself.
  2. You can request a virtual 1:1 appointment with a tutor. You can request a virtual appointment Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and 7 to 9 p.m. by emailing your request to . If you’d like to request a weekend appointment (Saturday or Sunday) or another time outside of the regular schedule, please contact the tutor scheduled on that day directly. View the schedule ➔

Subject tutoring
Your favorite GC tutors are still available online by appointment and for scheduled review sessions that will be recorded. Stay tuned and check the ASC webpage for the schedule! We’re also trying a new service called tutor.com! Check your Blackboard course pages for links to specific courses that are supported by this service.

Accommodations for Disabilities
Accommodations and resources are available for your online classes as they have been with traditional classes. As always, make your requests in a timely manner! Contact your ASC counselor for more information or assistance or email .  

Study Partners
The Study Partners Program is available for anyone needing assistance with general academic help or organization. Email to make an appointment. 

Still need help?

Academic counselors are available to meet every week via online platforms like Zoom. Email to set up a meeting, or email your ASC counselor for further details and information. English Language Learning assistance is still available by emailing



Explore new ways to research

With over half of the Jenks Library's collection available online, you can still get access to much of the information you’ll need from afar. Check out the Remote Learning at Jenks Guide to learn how to navigate Jenks online. Your faithful librarians are keeping this guide updated regularly, so check back often for tips and updates!

What can you access from home? Nearly everything! All that’s needed is access to the internet, the library homepage, and your Blackboard login credentials and you’re in. 

There are several ways to access library resources remotely:

  • Ebooks: Search the NOBLE Catalog by Format and choose “Book (Electronic)”. When you search the NOBLE Catalog, you are searching across multiple ebook platforms such as EBSCO and OverDrive.
  • Academic (Scholarly) Articles: Select and search a Library Database for scholarly articles that fit your research needs. Most of the databases are pre-set to limit to full-text, which means you’ll have immediate access to your search results as PDFs or web documents.
  • Scholarly Journals: Know the name of a specific journal, magazine, or newspaper you are looking for? Search Journal Finder to discover online options. Not sure where to look yet, but know your subject area? Use BrowZine to browse for academic journals by subject. 

Still need help?

Can’t find what you need? 
Ask us and we’ll try to connect you with the information you’re looking for or suggest some alternative options. We’re also continuing Interlibrary Loan for article requests so if you need an article for a project, please use the article request form so that we can get it to you via email! 

Stay in touch!
Your friendly librarians are still here to help. They’re working on new solutions to help connect you to the information you need. Email with your questions! You can also use this email to request virtual research appointments via Zoom. Stay tuned for more information on how Jenks is working to support you. And follow Jenks Library on Instagram (@jenkslibrary) for updates and more resources!

An update on grading

In the April 15 update from the College, changes on the grading policy for this semester were addressed. Learn more ➔

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