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Recreation, Sport and Wellness Courses

Requirements for the Major in Recreation, Sport and Wellness

Students majoring in recreation, sport and wellness are required to complete:

Applied theories or skills

One of the following:

Human development

One of the following:

Additional psychology or sociology courses

One of the following:

Outdoor Education Concentration

Recreation, Sport and Wellness majors may elect this concentration by completing the following courses, including an outdoor education internship for the RSW 425 requirement in the major.

Sport Studies Concentration

The sport studies concentration provides students with a broad perspective of the interdisciplinary nature of sports and prepares students for careers in one of the many fast-growing sectors in the industry of sport: coaching, sport administration, youth and community sport programs, sport journalism, sport media, and sport management. Students will be able to articulate their theoretical understanding of sport from historical, philosophical, psychological and sociological perspectives. Students will also have opportunities in practical application, learning principles of coaching and sport management. Concentration requires 20 credits plus an internship in a sport-related field.

Double major with Business Administration

Students who elect to complete a second major in Business Administration will complete the requirements for each major as shown below.

    Recreation, Sport, Wellness requirements

    Business Administration requirements


    8 credits of upper level ECB courses, including: