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Scholarly Papers

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Lindsay, D. Michael, 2010. “Organizational Liminality and Interstitial Creativity: The Fellowship of Power.” Social Forces 89: 163–184.

Lindsay, D. Michael, 2010. “U.S. Military and the White House Fellowship: Contact in Shaping Elite Attitudes.” Annual Review of Political and Military Sociology 38: 53–76.

Lindsay, D. Michael, and Bradley C. Smith, 2010. “Accounting by Faith: The Negotiated Logic of Elite Evangelicals’ Workplace Decision-making.” Journal of the American Academy of Religion 78: 721–749.

Lindsay, D. Michael, and Robert Wuthnow, 2010. “Financing Faith: Religion and Strategic Philanthropy.” Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 49: 87–111.

Lindsay, D. Michael, 2009. “A Mighty Fortress: Religious Commitment and Leading for the Common Good.” Journal of Religious Leadership 8: 35–56.

Lindsay, D. Michael, 2008. “Evangelicals in the Power Elite: Elite Cohesion Advancing A Movement.” American Sociological Review 73: 60–82. [Distinguished Article Award, 2008, Society for the Scientific Study of Religion; Reprinted in Sociology of Religion: A Reader 2nd edition, edited by Susanne Monahan, William Mirola, and Michael Emerson. New York: Pearson Education, 2010.]

Lindsay, D. Michael, 2008. “Mind the Gap: Religion and the Crucible of Marginality in the United States and Great Britain.” The Sociological Quarterly 49: 653–88.

Hackett, Conrad, and D. Michael Lindsay, 2008. “Measuring Evangelicalism: Consequences of Different Operationalization Strategies.” Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 47: 499–514.

Lindsay, D. Michael, 2007. “Ties that Bind and Divisions that Persist: Evangelical Faith and the Political Spectrum.” American Quarterly 59: 883–909.

Lindsay, D. Michael, 2007. “Evangelical Elites in the U.S. Military.” The Journal of Political and Military Sociology 35(2): 1–16. [Lead article]

Lindsay, D. Michael, 2006. “Is the National Prayer Breakfast Surrounded by a ‘Christian Mafia’? Religious Publicity and Secrecy Within the Corridors of Power.” Journal of the American Academy of Religion 74: 390–419.

Lindsay, D. Michael, 2006. “Elite Power: Social Networks Within American Evangelicalism.” Sociology of Religion 67: 207–227.

Lindsay has also written scholarly essays in edited volumes. These include the following:

Wuthnow, Robert, and D. Michael Lindsay, 2010. “The Roles of Foundations in American Religion” in American Foundations: Roles and Contributions edited by Helmut Anheier and David C. Hammack. Washington: Brookings. pp 305–27.

Lindsay, D. Michael, 2009. “Politics as the Construction of Relations: Religious Identity and Political Expression” in Evangelicals and Democracy in America edited by Steven Brint and Jean Reith Schroedel. New York: Russell Sage. pp 305–30.