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Pre-medicine, Pre-dentistry, Pre-veterinary

Common majors: biology, kinesiology, chemistry

Are your sights set on becoming a doctor, vet or dentist? You have quite a lot of schooling ahead of you—and Gordon is an excellent place to start. Our Christian liberal arts curriculum covers the science courses you’ll need to excel on admissions exams and prepare for rigorous graduate school courses, paired with the non-science courses that will shape you into a well-rounded candidate.

Graduate-level experiences for undergrads

microscope and brain

Study and research in the on-campus donor (cadaver) lab, a rare opportunity for undergraduates.


Pursue an internship at the on-campus Center for Balance, Mobility and Wellness.


Gain real clinical experiences through Gordon’s internship program at Duke University and the Gordon Medical Observership program.

Required Courses for Track 1: Pre-medicine, Pre-dentistry, Pre-veterinary

BIO 150 - Biology I: Cells and Genetics Credits: 4

BIO 151 - Biology II: Animal Biology Credits: 4

CHE 111 - Principles of Chemistry I Credits: 4

CHE 112 - Principles of Chemistry II Credits: 4

CHE 211 - Organic Chemistry I Credits: 4

CHE 212 - Organic Chemistry II Credits: 4

HLP 200 - Health Professions Seminars I Credits: 0 (taken in sophomore and junior years)

HLP 201 - Health Professions Seminars II Credits: 0 (taken in sophomore and junior years)

HLP 300 - Health Professions Seminars III Credits: 0 (taken in sophomore and junior years)

HLP 301 - Health Professions Seminars IV Credits: 2   (taken in sophomore and junior years)


MAT 141 - Calculus I Credits: 4

MAT 142 - Calculus II Credits: 4


MAT 134 - Survey of Calculus Credits: 4

MAT 220 - Biostatistics Credits: 4


PHY 121 - Introductory Physics I Credits: 4

PHY 122 - Introductory Physics II Credits: 4


PHY 119 - General Physics I Credits: 4

PHY 120 - General Physics II Credits: 4 

Two semesters of writing

NOTE: The most competitive premedical preparation would include courses taken by majors in that subject.

Kinesiology–PreMed Advising Sheet ➔   
Biology–Premed-Vet-Dental Advising Sheet ➔


For more information, contact:

Sean Clark, Ph.D.
Director of Health Professions
Professor of Kinesiology
P 978 867 4844

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