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Physics and 3-2 Engineering

Got an insatiable curiosity about how things work (and why), and an appreciation for the complexity of our universe? As a physics major, you will ask deep questions, demand creative solutions, and discover astounding order and beauty. Two degree types and three concentrations allow you to tailor the major to achieve your goals. Or, you can participate in our 3–2 Engineering Program and earn dual bachelor’s degrees in physics and engineering.


Learn about Gordon's 3-2 Engineering Program:

3-2 Engineering (B.A)

More Options:

Minor in Physics 
To minor in physics a student must complete a selection of 22 credits of intermediate level physics courses. See the course catalogue for more information.

Double Major with Secondary Education
A student seeking to be a licensed high-school physics teacher should major in the physics and also in secondary education. Within physics, select the physics B.A. concentration and enroll in CHE111, 112. Consult an education division advisor to determine which education courses are required.