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Payment Options

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Read on to see the payment methods and plans available to you.

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Payment Methods

1Pay Online through Transact:

Payment accepted: Credit Card, Electronic Check (ACH), and Foreign Currency
How to access Transact, or authorize a parent or guardian to make a payment on your account:

Transact Instructions

2Mail in a Check:

Gordon College
Student Financial Services
255 Grapevine Road
Wenham, MA 01984

*Please make the check payable to Gordon College and include the student's name or ID number in the memo line.

3Pay with Foreign Currency:

Payment accepted: Wire or Direct Debit through Transact

In Transact, choose “Make a Payment,” type in the appropriate amount, click “Continue,” then select “Foreign Currency” in the payment methods drop-down window. This will walk you through the necessary steps to complete your payment.

Payment Plan Information

Paying in full

For those who are paying the bill in full, payments for each semester are due on the following dates:

All Students: July 15

All Students: December 15

Paying over several months

For those who wish to spread payments over several months, Gordon College offers two different types of payment plans:

Automatic Payment Plan
This payment plan will automatically deduct your payments each month from the checking account or credit card you designate at the time of enrollment. Please note that you will be setting the budget for this plan (based on the bill you receive from us), and you will need to manually update that budget if there are changes to your student account.

Traditional Payment Plan
With our traditional payment plan, your monthly payment amounts will automatically be populated based on the balance on your student account. As there are changes to the student account, these amounts will adjust. With this plan, you will need to log in each month to make your payment.

Each of these semester plans offers a four-month or six-month option. There is a $50 fee per semester to participate in either payment plan.


Four-Month Plan

July, August, September, and October

January, February, March, and April

Six-Month Plan

July, August, September, October, 
November, December

January, February, March, April, 
May, June

First Payment: See above schedule
Subsequent Payments: Due on the 15th of the Month
Number of Payments: Four-Month: 4, Six-Month: 6
Enrollment Fee: $50 per Semester

*Email reminders will be sent when your next payment is due.

*Students must re-enroll in the plan each semester they wish to participate.

How to Enroll in a Payment Plan through Transact

Finance with an education loan

Visit www.gordon.edu/loans to learn about your options. If you have questions about the dollar amount to request, please .

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