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Mission Statement

The mission of the Academic Success Center is to encourage and equip students to achieve their God-given potential for academic success, acknowledging that Gordon's community of learners is made richer through the contributions of all students. Students are encouraged to develop self-awareness as learners and to investigate new strategies and techniques for effective academic performance. Professional staff members are available to assist all students with issues related to disabilities or other concerns that affect a student's general academic progress. Special academic accommodations are arranged for students who qualify for such services.

The Center's programs are holistically designed to meet the individual needs and learning styles of students and to recognize and develop the gifts of each student. This approach values student growth as a process and encourages students to utilize their strengths and to seek assistance for academic development. The ASC is committed to helping all levels of students from underprepared to advanced.

To fulfill its mission, the ASC provides:

  • small-group support for large core courses
  • a writing center with trained, peer tutors
  • subject tutors for specified courses
  • specialized academic advising
  • academic accommodations for students with documented disabilities
  • workshops and one-on-one support for time management and study skills
  • ESL support
  • Finish the Course: a program during final exams for study skills, snacks, study halls, and encouragement

The Center also facilitates communication with the faculty through:

  • providing updates on the support available to students for academic achievement
  • heightening awareness of and appreciation for different learning styles
  • alerting supervisors and instructors about individual student needs or situations