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Spring REC-IM Events

Our spring leagues and tournaments (which can range from spikeball to ping-pong) will vary from year to year. Stay tuned to the IMLeagues website and emails from Rec-IM to know the latest schedule! However, listed below you can find a few of our regular spring activities.


Come shoot some hoops and swat your friends in our full court, 5-on-5 basketball league!

Indoor Volleyball

Play one of our most popular leagues to bump, set and spike your way to the championship!

Indoor Soccer

All the fun of soccer, compressed into two courts of the gym. CAUTION: slide tackling may result in serious floor burn!

Ultimate Frisbee

Bring your best flicks, hammers and diving catches to take down the ultimate championship.

Beach Volleyball

What better way to end the year than the way we started? Another tournament of classic beach volleyball on the sand courts outside Bromley Hall. Come out for a day of sun and fun!

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