South Africa Seminar: Summer 2006

"The South Africa Seminar was a six-week pilot for a semester-long study abroad program focused on issues of diversity, racial reconciliation, peace and justice. For ten days we lived in a wealthy, predominantly white section of Cape Town. During this time we travelled around the area, visited historic sites, and learned about South African history, and how it relates to our own experiences. Next, we travelled to Durban on the country's east coast to go on safari. Following that, we spent three weeks in a black township, Khayelitsha, where we lived with host families and commuted to internships with NGO's (non-governmental organizations). One day a week we met for academic work and dinner together as a group. The final four days were spent at a bed and breakfast, concluding our time and further exploring the themes of the program in context with our experiences."

Tim Lewis '08, seminar participant

View Tim's photo-diary of this seminar, "A Study in Contrasts: South Africa 2006"

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