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American Studies Program


The American Studies Program (ASP) utilizes Washington, D.C. as its primary classroom. ASP brings together students from around the globe, spanning a vast array of majors, experiences, and perspectives. ASP emphasizes the importance of Christ-like bridge-building within the political arena. By living and learning together, students are enriched in their intellectual curiosity and intercultural competence. Students explore their foundational convictions and what it means to be a renewing presence in the world. Belief is put into action through mindful engagement and civil discourse with those who think, believe, look, and vote differently than oneself.


The ASP is interdisciplinary and encourages students of various majors to apply. To gain eligibility you must:

  • Have at least sophomore standing at the time of application
  • Maintain a minimum GPA of 2.75
  • Possess a strong commitment to academics and Christianity


The American Studies Program (ASP) uses Washington, D.C. as its primary classroom and its people as its primary teachers. Rooted in the best experiential learning, ASP’s integrated and rigorous curriculum invites renowned scholars, academics, policymakers, elected officials, non-government agency leaders, and local citizens to inform, inspire, and equip students in their academic, professional, and spiritual journeys.

You will earn 15-16 credits for the program. Credits are split between an internship and seminars and an optional course in professional development.


Public Policy (3 credits)
Christian Civility in Polarized Times (3 credits)
Internship in DC (6-9 credits)
Professional Development (1 credit)

The internships can be found in:

  • The Executive Branch and Embassies
  • Legislative Branch
  • Judicial Branch, Criminal Justice, and Law Offices
  • Research Organizations and Think Tanks
  • Relief, Development, and Social Work
  • Advocacy and Educational Groups
  • Business, Communication, and the Arts


The cost is generally equal to a semester at Gordon and includes:

  • Tuition for 15-16 hours of credit
  • Room
  • Laundry facilities (detergent at own expense)
  • Community meals (approx. one each week)
  • Occasional outings

Additional anticipated expenses:

  • Travel to and from Washington, DC
  • Board (approx. $80 per week)
  • Security deposit (refundable; collected upon arrival)
  • Textbooks
  • Local transportation (varies based on internship location)
  • Personal medical expenses, if incurred
  • Personal discretionary expenses

Student Financial Services will reassess each applicant's financial aid package for their off-campus semester and provide a breakdown of costs after acceptance from the GEO. Federal and private aid will not be affected.


All Gordon students applying to a CCCU Global Ed program must first submit an online seat application to Gordon's Global Education Office before applying directly to the program. Seat applications must be submitted to the GEO by March 1.

After the Global Education Office has notified you of your approval, you may then proceed with the CCCU GlobalEd application. CCCU GloabelEd has a rolling admission policy. Spring applications are accepted until October 1. Fall applications are accepted until June 1.


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