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Student Application Form

Compass Student Application

The Student Application Form is to be completed by the student who is applying for the program. This section is an important part of your application. This is our primary resource for getting to know who you are. Take time to think and pray about these questions. It also helps to eat brownies.

Answer each question thoroughly in clear, concise, and complete sentences that exhibit genuine consideration and self-reflection. There is no minimum page requirement, but the average student application usually consists of 3-4 pages single spaced.

All students are asked to submit a profile photo along with their application. It’d be nice if you have a photo of you and some flamingos but this is not a requirement. This should be attached to an email as .jpg or .png.

PLEASE NOTE: This forms requires the online portion and responses to essay prompts which are submitted separately. These should be attached to an email and sent to compass@gordon.edu. The subject line should include the applicant's name along with the name of the form (ex: "Burt Macklin Student Form").

1. Legal Name (First):

2. Middle Name:

3. Last Name:

4. Nickname:

5. Address:

6. City/Town:

7. State:

8. Zip Code:

9. Phone Number

10. Email Address:

11. Alternative Email:

12. High School

13. Year


14. Church Name:

15. I have been a part of this church since:

16. Church Address

17. Church City

18. Church State

19. Church Zip:

20. Church website:

21. Senior Pastor's Name:

22. Youth Pastor's Name:

23. Have you travelled internationally?


24. Are you a US citizen?


25. If "no" Country of Citizenship:

26. Do you have a current passport?


27. Are you an alumni of the Compass Program?


28. Passport expiration date:

29. Do you have a certified birth certificate?


30. Date of Birth:

31. How did you hear about the Compass Program?

32. Father/Guardian Name:

33. Father/Guardian Address:

34. Father/Guardian Email:

35. Father/Guardian Phone:

36. Church denomination:

37. Mother/Guardian Name:

38. Mother/Guardian Address:

39. Mother/Guardian Phone

40. Mother/Guardian Email:

41. Applicant resides with:


42. If "other" please explain:

43. Your nominator's name:

44. Your mentor's name

45. Please type your responses to the following questions on a separate document. Your answers should be thorough but concise and show deep thought. To submit your answers, save your document as a PDF and name it “firstinitial:lastname.pdf” (ex: John Smith would save his: jsmith.pdf). Email this document to compass@gordon.edu . You should receive confirmation of your application’s completion in a few days.

1. Briefly describe your conversion experience or describe how your Christian life began.

2. Tell us about yourself. What are your interests? In what activities are you involved: a) at church; b) at school; c) in the community?

3. Give at least two examples of successes in your life. Why do you define them as successes?

4. Who has been the most influential person in your life? Describe your relationship. How has he/she influenced you? Be specific.

5. Historically, Christians have crafted and appealed to various Statements of Faith (Nicene Creed, Westminster Confession etc...) that describe their core beliefs and convictions concerning God. Briefly write out your own statement of faith, explaining, as best you can, what you believe it means to be a Christian?

6. What are two or three things (other than your faith) that have most impacted who you are today?

7. What would you most like to see changed in the world and why? How do you see yourself playing a role in that?

8. In the last year, what life questions and/or faith issues have you wrestled with and to what, if any, conclusions have you arrived?

9. This program is for young people who sense a call to leadership. Describe your calling. This may be a specific incident or a process of God revealing himself to you. Why would you like to participate in the Compass program?

10. What is your understanding of the Compass Program?

Have you completed your responses to the above questions and emailed them to compass@gordon.edu?