Mr. Santiago D. Sedaca

Appointed: April 2013
Class: 2017

Mr. Sedaca is the president of CARANA Corporation, a leading international economic development consulting firm operating in over 45 countries. He travels extensively in Africa, Latin America and the Middle East, working directly with governments, businesses and communities to identify and implement economic development programs that seek to improve people’s livelihoods through commercially sustainable strategies.

He graduated in 1994 from Gordon College with a B.A. in political studies and economics, and received a master's degree in 1997 from the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service, with a certificate honors program in business diplomacy.

Originally from Argentina, he moved with his family to Massachusetts at the age of 15. He is married to Nicole Bibbins Sedaca, an expert on democracy and human rights issues and a fellow Georgetown graduate. They live in McLean, Virginia, with their sons, Jacob and Timothy. They attend Restoration Anglican Church, where Mr. Sedaca serves as warden.

Santiago Sedaca