Gordon has sent a work team to ECHO each Spring Break nearly every year since the mid-1980s. ECHO stands for "Educational Concerns for Hunger Organization" and was started by Dr. Martin Price, a chemistry science professor. Here is how ECHO got started: 

"In the early 1970s Indiana businessman Richard Dugger led a group of high school students on a visit to Haiti and was deeply moved by the plight of people in developing countries. He and others made personal commitments to share their time and resources, they prayed and dreamed of ways to help meet the needs that they had seen. Other Christian laymen and clergy from Indiana and Florida caught the dream, and ECHO (Educational Concerns for Haiti Organization) was born. Until 1981 ECHO worked on various projects in Haiti. ECHO's role in international agricultural development was more clearly defined with the arrival of Former Executive Director, Dr. Martin Price, in June of 1981. The work in Haiti was closed, and all of ECHO's resources were directed towards strengthening the work of other organizations. Under his direction ECHO has become an ever growing pipeline for sharing information, ideas, techniques, methods, plants, books, materials, solutions ... whatever has potential to ease world hunger.

ECHO's primary functions are providing agricultural information to overseas workers, distributing seeds for promising food plants, and offering training opportunities at the Florida farm. ECHO's role and purpose as conceived in the early 1980's endures today, and as a result, ECHO's "history" is mostly a story of the expanding ministry."

The farm today has become a premier resource for agricultural missionaries and laypeople worldwide who have heard the call to help people in their plight to grow crops in unforgiving environments around the world.

Join our team this year, and be a part of that vision.

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