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Why chapel?
Gordon's programs in Christian life and worship have been designed to nurture our spirit of community. As part of our life together, we gather as believers to support one another, to share in sorrow and in gratitude, and to call upon the Lord for guidance. We believe that the discipline of regularly convening as a community can strengthen our Christian walk.

As followers of Christ we recognize our calling and privilege to gather for corporate worship: to express to God our dependence, gratitude and adoration, to hear and respond to the Word of God, and to grow in our understanding of the Christian faith. Chapel gatherings provide occasions to honor God, glorify Christ, and reflect upon our relationship to God as Creator, Redeemer, and Sustainer. Along with instruction in the basic tenets of the Christian faith, the Chapel program fosters spiritual growth through teaching, exhortation, and the observance of spiritual disciplines.

When and where do chapel gatherings take place?
Chapel gatherings are usually held in the A. J. Gordon Memorial Chapel every Monday, Wednesday and Friday that classes are in session, from 10:25–11:10 AM. Our worship gatherings are a mix of contemporary and traditional in format. Special evening chapel gatherings are held on Monday evenings a few times throughout the semester. See the chapel schedule for specific themes and events.

How does Chapel accommodate different worship traditions?
As a multidenominational liberal arts college, Gordon draws students, staff, and faculty from many Christian traditions. The Chapel program will acquaint you with a range of worship practices. It is our hope that during your time at Gordon you will gain an understanding of the traditions of numerous Christian denominations. Services will display characteristics of contemporary evangelicalism, but they will also reflect the church's rich heritage over the past two millennia. You will gain an appreciation for that heritage, especially its great creeds, cherished hymns and liturgies, and the major events of the church year.

Chapel gatherings also affirm the diversity within the body of Christ as is evident within our members and across the globe. Through our programs, students should discover much about the nature and challenges of global Christianity, including the vitality and character of churches in several regions of the world.

What about Sunday worship?
While the College sponsors chapel gatherings during the week, participation in chapel should not replace attendance and involvement in a church. Students are strongly encouraged to find a local church where they can worship and contribute regularly. See the listing of area churches.

How can I get the most out of chapel?

  • Come with an open mind and heart.
  • Be respectful. Chapel gatherings should be approached in a spirit of reverence. Bringing food or drink into the building, doing homework during the services or talking while others are speaking or singing is disrespectful. We ask you, out of reverence for God and respect for others, to avoid such disruptions.
  • Get involved. Students, along with faculty and staff, are eligible to prepare and sponsor an event for Christian Life and Worship credit.

What else will nourish my life as a Christian while I'm at Gordon?
There are so many aspects of the Gordon community that can nourish one's walk with Christ! Outside of chapel, there are a variety of additional community events which serve the aims of the college and provide opportunities for students to receive credit for their Christian life and worship requirement. Such events include:

  • Gordon College Symposium—The Symposium is an annual event, held each spring, during which a number of presentations and events are sponsored on a common theme. On that day classes are not held so that the community can attend many of these special sessions, most of which are planned by students. Up to six credits can be earned during the Symposium week. The Symposium is sponsored by Gordon's Center for Faith and Inquiry.
  • Day of Prayer—Sponsored by the chapel office, one day is set aside during the fall semester for a Day of Prayer. On this day, classes are not held so that the community can attend many of the events. There are various prayer events throughout the day with different areas of focus. 

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