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Career and Connection Institute

CCI has gone virtual! 
The CCI is ready to serve students from afar! During the season of COVID-19, the CCI continues to offer a broad range of virtual services. It is important to stay engaged in career exploration and planning efforts while away from campus, such as gathering feedback on resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and cover letters and searching for internships and jobs. Postings will continue to be added regularly to Handshake. In partnership with Residence Life, we've also released a podcast aimed at graduating seniors on launching well.

Any questions can be discussed with our team by emailing —and don't forget to follow CCI on Instagram (@cci_gordon) for regular updates and tips!

More than a career plan, students need a life plan. Research shows that those with a sense of purpose in their lives are more fulfilled and engaged in their vocations. To that end, the Career and Connection Institute (CCI) at Gordon College fosters a holistic process—rich with opportunities for spiritual formation and meaningful real-world experiences that blend seamlessly with classroom learning—to guide students in discerning and pursuing their calling.

Not sure where to start? Here are some suggestions for each year of your college journey.

The Institute's Underpinnings

Guided by a single centering principle—the Hebrew word avodah, which encompasses work, worship and service—CCI focuses on four main areas.

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Workplace preparation and career development efforts are grounded in personal and corporate spiritual formation practices and a deep biblical understanding of work for the glory of God.

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Intentional career development starts on day one as academics, co-curricular experiences and professional opportunities begin weaving together in holistic preparation for life after college.

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Diverse work experiences—in various roles, industries and workplace cultures—help students grow and discern their place in God’s redemptive work around the globe.

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The support of a caring, connected Christian community guides students through their discernment and preparation process, and plugs them into a global network.


Brendan Sweeney

Brendan Sweeney ’17

"Having the experience and the network that I developed during my internship has helped me seamlessly transition into my new job, and has made me much more comfortable with taking on additional responsibilities early on. In my mind, a college experience really isn't complete without the practical work experience that an internship provides."