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Benefits Required By Law

COBRA Insurance Benefits
In accordance with the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA), Gordon College offers employees and their dependents a temporary extension of health and/or dental insurance if they lose coverage under certain circumstances. The individual is responsible for the entire cost of the coverage. COBRA Notice   

Social Security
All employees are covered under the provisions of the federal social security law (FICA - Federal Insurance Contributions Act). FICA consists of two separate taxes that are withheld from your wages: Social Security, which pays for cash benefits to entitled beneficiaries, and Medicare, which pays for hospital benefits for people covered by Medicare when they become entitled. Contact the Social Security Administration for more information.  

Unemployment Compensation Insurance
Employees who are laid off by the College are entitled to collect unemployment compensation which is administered by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts but billed directly to Gordon College. Contact the Division of Unemployment Assistance for more information.

Workers' Compensation Insurance
All employees are covered by workers' compensation insurance which provides benefits for medical treatment and possible lost wages to employees in the event of an illness or injury that is work related.

In the event you suffer an injury, no matter how minor you should immediately contact your supervisor. Even if you did not require treatment, you must file an injury report with the assistant to the vice president of finance in order to notify the workers’ compensation carrier of a potential claim and help the College review safety procedures to prevent future incidents.