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Non-Gordon Student Application for International Seminars

Non-Gordon students are welcome to apply to Gordon College's International Seminars. All International Seminars are taught from the Christian perspective and visiting students are subject to all of Gordon College’s expectations, regulations, and behavioral standards in the Life and Conduct Statement.

Interested students must submit:

  • Online application (Priority Deadline: December 15)
  • Academic Reference
  • Student Life Reference
  • Identify the professor/supervisor/clergy/etc. who will be sending in a recommendation for you.
  • Submit a non-refundable $30 application fee (check made out to Gordon College with International Seminar written on the memo line. Application not complete without fee).
  • Submit an official college/university transcript from your home institution.
  • A $450 program deposit will be due within 10 days of acceptance. 

All supporting applications materials should be sent to:

Gordon College
Global & Experiential Learning Office
255 Grapevine Road
Wenham, MA 01984

International Seminar App Non-Gordon Students

This application requests information that will be used to evaluate your eligibility for a Gordon College international seminar program. Gordon College reserves the right to admit students based on proven academic performance, moral maturity, and personal motivation. For this reason, the essay portion of this application is especially important.

Email geo@gordon.edu or call 978-867-4399 if you have any questions.

A non-refundable $30 deposit must be submitted to the Global and Experiential Learning Office.

1. Date of Application:

2. Seminar Program:

3. Last Name:

4. First Name:

5. Name of Home College/University:

6. Current Overall GPA (Grade Point Average):

7. Sex:


8. Valid Passport:


9. If yes, what is the expiration date on your passport?

10. Date of Birth:

11. Place of Birth:

12. Country of Citizenship:

13. Full Name exactly as it appears on passport:

14. School Email address:

15. Cell Phone Number:

16. Emergency Contact (e.g. parent/guardian) -- Last Name, First Name, relationship, Phone, email:

17. Some seminars include activities that require moderate to challenging physical exertion. Do you have any chronic physical conditions that require regular medical attention or that may be relevant for consideration in a program that requires physical activity such as walking, hiking, caving, etc.? If so, please explain.

18. Do you have allergies to foods, plants, etc.? Are there any prescription or non-prescription medications that you take regularly that you would anticipate needing while you are attending this program?

19. Do you have any academic accommodations that you would like the faculty leader to be aware of?

20. Current Class Level:


21. Expected Graduation Date:

22. Major:

23. Minor:

24. Name of Academic Advisor:

25. Email Address of a Faculty Reference (can be your academic advisor or any teaching faculty member at your institution):

26. Email address of a Student Life Reference. (e.g. resident hall director, coach, work-study supervisor, etc. However, this cannot be a fellow student)

27. What is your motivation for participating in this seminar? How does this seminar meet your academic, personal and/or professional goals?

28. What qualities, strengths, experiences do you possess that will contribute to your success in this seminar?

29. What excites you the most about the cross cultural engagement of this seminar?