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Academics IN Oxford

A total of 17 credits are possible each term.

Each term is divided into the following required components:

For the tutorials the SSO has 18 interdisciplinary thematic concentrations:

The Ancient World Modern Studies Philosophy of Human Morality
Late Antiquity History and Philosophy of Science Philosophy of Language
Medieval Studies History of Art Philosophy and the Ancient Greek World
Renaissance Studies Gender Studies Religion and literature
Enlightenment Studies (in English Literature) Colonialism and Postcolonialism Religion and science
Victorian Studies Philosophy of the Human Mind Religion and Society

Any student wishing to fulfill a thematic core requirement such as Aesthetics Sensibilities and PracticesCivic Responsibility, or Human Person with their fall semester session of Selected Topics in British Culture must talk with the Core division representative beforehand. Please see the Global Education Office for assistance.

Global Understanding core credit can be fulfilled by this semester program when students participate in COR210 pre-departure and COR211 upon re-entry. Lab fees apply