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Core Staff Leadership Application

Complete the following staff Application for Orientation Coordinators and Core Staff!

Check here for more information about Orientation jobs and the various staff positions available to Gordon students.

Orientation Core Staff Application

Thank you for considering lending your strengths to the Orientation Core Staff. Step 1 - Complete this application, and submit any additional required documentation as described. Step 2 - Signup for a personal interview; email instructions are sent when your application is received. Questions about the role and the expectations for it can be found on the job description page www.gordon.edu/orientationleaders or by talking with Chris Carlson, Dean of Student Success. Eight to ten Core Staff members will be selected.

1. Which Orientation Leadership position are you seeking? (Check all that apply)

Orientation Coordinator
Orientation Core Staff
Grad Intern

2. Firstname

3. Lastname

4. Preferred email address

5. What is your Expected Graduation date (MMMYYYY)? (MAY2018, DEC2018, etc.)

6. What experience have you had with Orientation?

Core Staff
Orientation Crew Leader
Transfer Crew Leader
Support Staff
Residence Life
New Student or Transfer to Gordon

7. What are your primary areas of study at Gordon, and why are these important to you?

8. Understanding the general description of an Orientation Core Staffer, what do you think you would contribute to this position, and to the team? What strengths do you naturally rely on to take on new challenges?

9. Briefly describe other current or past leadership experiences you feel bring relevant learning and skills to this role? If you are attaching/sending a resume (Yes, you can!), you can simply put "resume submitted" in this response. (Submit your resume by email to Orientation@gordon.edu, or email us the link to your online resume/portfolio).

10. Do you meet or exceed the minimum cumulative GPA requirement, and do you grant permission for the program director to verify this status with the Registrar's office?

I'd rather explain in person

11. Please rank these areas of skill, ability or application in order of your own interest, experience, and ability to contribute. Which ones are most interesting or where you have the most readiness to serve the program well? (Use arrow, Up/Down, or drag to move)

12. For a 21st Century College Student, what are two or three key issues in their transition to a distinctly Christian, residential College of the Liberal Arts and Sciences, and how would a great Orientation program seek to address those key issues in its staff selection, and the programs it delivers, and the order they are delivered in? Is there something Gordon should be doing for our new students, or are there things we should do more or less of to allow for the best transition to higher learning today?

13. Core Staffers begin assembling the Fall Orientation program in the Spring semester and will be expected to attend regular meeting throughout the semester. Additionally, some contact will be expected over the summer from a distance. Core Staffers also provide training and support for O-Staff, and will be available to prepare for and deliver those sessions as well. Core Staff will be expected to arrive on campus in mid August 2018 for Orientation Training week. Please verify you understand these timelines and expectations. Questions about special circumstances can be discussed with Chris Carlson, Dean of Student Success, and Matt Vaselkiv, Assistant Director of Student Success, in the selection process.

I've read and understand these general expectations.