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Orientation Student Confirmation

Complete the following to Confirm you and your family's registration for Orientation!

Student Welcome Week Confirmation

Thank you for taking the time to fill out this form. Your response confirms your attendance at Gordon College Orientation Welcome Week, with more information to follow by email. Questions can be sent to orientation@gordon.edu, or by phone 978-867-4263.

1. I am confirming my Orientation arrival for:

Fall 2019 (Aug 23-37)
January 2020 (Jan 12-15)

2. Preferred First Name (used on name tags)

3. Last Name

4. Confirm your Gordon email address (established with your Gordon Technology Account activation; usually in this format: firstname.lastname@gordon.edu)

5. We send email to your primary Gordon (@gordon.edu) email account. Do you have a secondary email address we can also use?

6. I am: (Check all that apply)

First Year College Student
Transfer Student
Consortium/Visiting Student
Non-Traditional Student
Arriving Internationally
Fall season Athlete
Spring season Athlete
Arriving for August La Vida
Clarendon Scholar

7. Are you an International Student or a U.S. Citizen currently living outside of the United States?


8. Are you arriving early to campus for any of these programs (check any that apply)

Not Arriving Early
Travel-related issue
International Student Fall Orientation
Fall Sport Athletics Team
Spring Sport Athletics Team
La Vida (August trip)
Clarendon Scholars Orientation

9. What is your cell phone number? (10-digit number; see following question for international phone)

10. International cell phone or other international phone number (if any)

11. TRAVEL > Will you need transportation to Gordon College from Boston's Logan Airport for Orientation? If yes, we will follow up with you via email.


12. Do you have any dietary restrictions or food allergies? If none, leave blank.

13. What is your T-shirt size (free Residence Hall shirt!) - Pick Men's or Women's sizing, and then XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, etc.

Men's shirt size
Women's shirt size
XS - extra small
S - Small
M- Medium
L - Large
XL - Extra Large
XXL - Double Extra Large

14. FAMILY > How many family members will be traveling with you to Orientation?

Travelling by Myself (0)
One Family Member (1)
Two or more Family Members (2+)
One or more Friends (1+)

15. FAMILY > If attending, who will be attending (check any that apply)


16. FAMILY > Please confirm your primary guardian's email address, so we can also share arrival updates and general information with them.

17. Please confirm your primary guardian's first name.

18. Please confirm your primary guardian's last name.

19. Please list names of other family and friends traveling with you, separated by a comma (,). We want to be sure to help them feel welcome, too!