Orientation Confirmation

Fall 2015 Orientation Confirmation

Thank you for taking the time to fill out this form. Your response confirms your attendance at the Gordon College Fall 2015 Orientation, August 21-25.

1. First Name

2. Last Name

3. I am a... (Check all that apply)

First Year College Student
Transfer Student
Non-Traditional Student
Consortium/Visiting Student

4. Are you an International Student or a U.S. Citizen currently living outside of the United States?


5. If you selected "Yes" on Question 4, do you plan on attending the International Student Orientation August 19-21, 2015?


6. In addition to your @gordon.edu address, do you have a secondary email address we can also use?

7. What is your cell phone number? This information will be used only by the Center for Student Development for Orientation purposes and emergency contact.

8. If you are traveling alone, will you need transportation to Gordon from Logan Airport? If yes, we will follow up with you via email.

Yes, I will need transportation
No, I will not need transportation

9. Please confirm your primary guardian's first name.

10. Please confirm your primary guardian's last name.

11. Please confirm your primary guardian's email address.

12. Do you have any dietary restrictions? In order to properly accommodate your needs, please indicate what they are. If you do not have any restrictions, you can simply write "N/A."