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Orientation Confirmation

Student JANUARY Orientation Confirmation

Students! Your response confirms your attendance at the Gordon College January 2016-17 Orientation, January 2017 Orientation is required for all first-year and transfer students. Our goal is to help you make a great transition to Gordon and get off to a great start! Complete the following information, and call with any questions (978-867-4263) / orientation@gordon.edu

1. Preferred First Name (as you'd like it to appear on a nametag)

2. Last Name

3. Confirm your Gordon email address for us (firstname.lastname@gordon.edu). Our PRIMARY email communication with students is through your Gordon email address. You can activate your Gordon Technology Account, including your email, by visiting this link http://www.gordon.edu/newstudents. You can find your Student ID number in your Admissions or Financial Aid materials.

4. In addition to your @gordon.edu address, do you have a secondary personal email address you use? (We send official Gordon information to your Gordon email account, but can keep a second email on record if needed.)

5. I am a... (Check all that apply)

First-time or First-semester (first-time to College)
Transfer Student
Non-Traditional Student
Consortium/Visiting Student
Off-campus residence (living at home)
Off-campus residence (not living at home)
Spring-season Athlete

6. Are you an International Student or a U.S. Citizen currently living outside of the United States?


7. What is your cell phone number? This information will be used only by the Student Life Office for Orientation purposes and emergency contact.

8. If we can text you at this cell number, who is your service provider? (Leave blank if none)

9. If you are traveling alone, will you need transportation to Gordon from Logan Airport?

Yes, I will need transportation
No, I will not need transportation

10. If Arriving from Logan Airport, please include your flight information (Airline, Flight Number, expected arrival time), and we will confirm with you about an airport pickup.

11. Please confirm your primary guardian's first name.

12. Please confirm your primary guardian's last name.

13. Please confirm your primary guardian's email address.

14. Do you have any dietary restrictions? We arrange some meals during Orientation and want to pay paritcular attention to these details where we can. In order to properly accommodate your needs, please indicate what they are. If you do not have any restrictions, you can simply write "N/A."

If Parents, Friends, or other Family Members are joining us to drop you off at Gordon, please complete the following Parent & Family Orientation Confirmation.

Parent & Family JANUARY Orientation Confirmation

For Parents or Family members assisting their Gordon student in moving in during January Orientation 2017. We want to note your arrival and what kind of help you may need, and if you have any questions to help your student get settled before you head back on the road. Please respond to these brief questions and click to submit!

1. My Student's first and last name

2. I or We are... (check the one that best applies)


3. We will ... (check any of these that best apply)

Not be accompanying this student; they are travelling alone
Be dropping off this student between 2-5 pm on Move-in Day, and then leaving
Be dropping off this student, but we have some questions or business to transact, too
Need special arrangements, please have Orientation staff contact us

4. If your student is traveling alone, please indicate how they will arrive (by car, by plane), and if by plane, please remind them to complete their own Arrival Confirmation, where we ask for flight arrival information.

5. My name (first and last)

6. First and Last Name(s) of any others accompanying you on Sunday, separated with commas

7. Your own email address for confirmation and communication

8. Your Mobile Phone number if travelling, or your preferred phone number

9. If you need additional information about getting connected at Gordon, or in the local area for your student, please describe what you need or would like information about, and we'll do our best to guide you. (No response required if you have no questions).